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    picture of first computer?

    I sold the 48k spectrum to upgrade to the Spectrum +2. This was a 128k spectrum with 3 channel sound chip (the same one put into the Atari ST I believe), a proper keyboard (not the rubbery dead flesh one of the previous model) and a built in cassette deck for loading/saving. This was sold a few...
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    picture of first computer?

    I sold my very much loved meccano and train sets to save up the money for an original 16k Spectrum. After doing Saturday work and saving all my pocket money, I was able to buy the extra 32k to upgrade it to the full 48k about 4 months later. I still remember buying magazines and typing in...
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    How do I take songs off my iPod? Anapod explorer is the only program I've used, and has a superb drag-n-drop interface like windows explorer.
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    destroying laptop mobo & cpu

    Is the serial number or service tag in the BIOS ???
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    Opteron 165 or Raid 0

    If your worried about boot time loads, use bootviz. It'll re-arrange your driver load sequence, so that whilst one driver is waiting for something (picking up a dhcp address for example), it'll load other stuff in the background. It's dramatically improved many machines for me. Find it here:-...
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    Mental Router Problem!

    As a quick test, try disabling encryption, but use MAC address filtering and hiding the SSID as a security solution. This will mean the cpu is just doing the program stuff, not the networking encryption as well.
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    I need a program that generates a text file on all the file names and meta data

    Just include a "/s" with the /b, and ignore the /p as that would pause if the screen were to fill, and wait for a key to be pressed, however, the message would not be displayed on the screen
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    which forceware drivers? too many..

    Just found this thread. I've just downgraded myself from 71.24 to 71.21 due to a specific problem with water "discolouration" in CounterStrike:Source. They benchmark identically in the latest 3dMark, and give better visuals in CS:Source as mentioned. Try them. I've not yet had any problems :)
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    My new graphics card doesn't fit! Help!

    I have an fx5200 with pci in my wife's machine. Check this out if in UK
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    plug laptop hardive into port?

    Buy a converter to convert the 2.5 hd to a standard 3.5 hd. Then you can plug it into your internal ide channels get one from ebay Alternatively, you can buy an external housing that takes a laptop drive, and presents it as usb (I have one and it's very handy, but a little slower than norm...
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    Gamers Mouse?

    I have a Razer Diamondback. Best mouse that I've used for gaming !!
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    Help! BIOS flash lost MBR?

    I don't think any corruption has occurred on your disk. It seems to me that after flashing your BIOS the parameters being used for your hard disk in the BIOS don't match those used when you originally installed your OS. First thing I'd do is check the bios settings are set to Auto and LBA...
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    Just put in the 3.4 800 1meg P4 478 pin Do I need different memory?

    Asus p4c800 Deluxe Use that link if your mobo is DEFINITELY a p4c800 deluxe and not a p4c800 or p4c800-e deluxe. Your new cpu was supported from bios level 1017, so put the old cpu in,switch your machine on, and note the BIOS level reported on the POST screen. If the number is lower...
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    crossover xp to xp

    I have a Netgear DG814 for sale. £40 secures.