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    HP Mini 1000 & OSX86

    Dear X-Istence, There's nothing illegal about downloading software you own a license to use. After all, you don't own the software, only a license to use it, and thus how you get hold of it is irrelevant. And the clause requiring installation on Apple labelled hardware would be laughed out...
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    Gmail stickers for your computer!!!

    I'd like to see a PDF i could print out on sticker paper, but free and postage is not bad either.
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    Tricks from google which you will love

    So many ways to use the best resource in the world, i guess that why google is making yahoo cry itself out of existance.
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    Windows Live Wave 3 Update

    I wish that there would be a mac application we could use, its sad to see that this day in age the mac people still get ignored.
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    I know this is sad but...

    You know i heard that they found out who it was, but i was expecting a really name. Fun fact tho did you know that over 50 percent of murders get away with it.
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    Intergrated Gmail (Firefox Addon)

    Thats neat but i'm an email addict as is, i think having the boundary that the login page has will keep my addication at bay. Thanks tho
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    Left 4 Dead

    You should go watch yahtzee's take on it, as always pretty pretty funny.
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    How to Copy and Paste Text in Command Prompt
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    How's everyone?

    Welcome back, were did you go for four years?
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    Nvidia to launch new GT300 GPU in Q1 2009

    How much it is going to set me back? As is there high end card are for the rich and the extreme games, i'd like to see one of them accidently fall off a truck cause i could never imagine a computer with one of those.
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    Office Depot is closing 112 stores

    Can't wait to see the sales, then again i never ever get lucky when it comes to those closing out sales. How about you?
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    Serious Security flaw found in Internet Explorer

    Why are people still using IE, I would have figured firefox would have taken a majority lead sometime in the near future cause it runs on any and every platform.
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    [Giveaway] Xbox 360

    Your better off ebaying or even craigslisting that bundle, then again i'm not sure anybody has the cash to put down on that many games at once.
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    Batman - The dark Knight, who seen it?

    The blu-ray one has the IMAX scenes which if you didn't get to see the first time around would be a deffinate plus!
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    unrarx for the mac does it for us mac users and it can par files...