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    It sounds like you need to fix your rates.... In console type rate 25000 ***Enter** cl_cmdrate 101 **Enter*** cl_updaterate 101 *****Enter*****
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    What song it this

    Alright i found it, It ended up to be Taproot - Birthday thats to menge over at
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    What song it this

    Hey, My radio woke me up this moring and i herd this song, and i fell in love with it. I cant find it anywhere becasue i dont know the name of it. This is a rock song that was playing on the rock station.... here are some lyrics If i had one mre day I would tell you everything I have been...
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    Traffic School

    no speeding ticket
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    Traffic School

    well i am feeling really proud, I just got done with traffic school in 45 mins.
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    Need For Speed: Most Wanted

    i am using and xbox controller, I bought a converter for 10 bucks on ebay, or you could just make one. My boss uses and xbox 360 controller
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    ATI Radeon 9800XT

    Old Post
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    help overclocking athlon xp2500+

    use 11 x 200 with 1.7 v or if that doest work 1.75...dont ever go over 1.75 your multiplyer doest matter as much as your fsb.....11 multi will do just fine temps idleing around 55c is no problem your memory timings wont matter. just use defualt 8 4 4 3
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    Get $$$ for Designing Me a Top spec machine

    It also depends on what video card you have. What video card do you have? But here is what i was thinking....... GIGABYTE "GA-K8NF-9" NVIDIA nForce4 4X Chipset Motherboard For AMD Socket 939 CPU -RETAIL $118 AMD Athlon 64 3200+, 512KB L2 Cache, Socket 939 64-bit Processor - Retail $190...
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    do you guys think upgrading my procc is worth it..

    get some 3200 ram and you can easily overclock you processor higher than a 3200+. 2700 Ram will not work if you want to overclock it to 3200+
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    Xbox Drives

    Well.......Where to start A xbox drive will work in a pc but the xbox hard drive is locked. That means you cant put in a pc right away. You have to unlock the xbox hard drive. The xbox comes with 2 different hard drive vision. One is a 10 gigabite and the other is a 12 gigabite. There is...
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    5.1 Surrsound Headphones

    hmm me either........there is no real pair that jumps out at me. I think i might just go with the sennheiser pc 150s
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    5.1 Surrsound Headphones

    Hey, I am looking to spend roughly about $75 bucks for some headphones. I want some 5.1 surrsound. I was looking at these..... Please tell me if you own these or you have own another great 5.1 surrsoundheadphones...
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    Gamers Mouse?

    our type of gaming isnt solitare
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    Gamers Mouse?

    but with higher sensitivity you are less percise on your aiming