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    File Organising program

    Is there a program out the that can scan my comp and index all the files on it? I know I have three or four or so copies of things on here and I want to get rid of all except one. Does anyone know of anything? James
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    Saving streaming video to HDD

    What app can I use to save streaming video to my HDD? James
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    Sound Card App

    How can I find out what sound card I have? It is a creative C4730 or something like that and I cannot get it to work! Is there an app to dl and autoupdate the drivers? The creative one doesn't work. James
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    Audio ripping proggy

    Need a prog to rip a cd that is in pretty bad shape. Know of any?? James
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    Help quickly re .dmp files

    This time I got: 0xc2 (0x0000007 0x00000b8a 0xe274f380 0xe274f388) Haven't got it yet. James
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    Help quickly re .dmp files

    Found a description in event viewer. Is 0x00000001 in between 001000000 and 1ffeffff?? If so I think I have it done. James
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    Help quickly re .dmp files

    There is two. I will check the other. I have been told to "not make it worse" so I am not sure it is worth fixing to discover the underlying fault. James
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    Help quickly re .dmp files

    I get "pagepagepagepage" for lines and lines all over the place. It only does it sometimes so it is a bugger to debug. Done it twice so far, two different error messages. James
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    Help quickly re .dmp files

    What do I view it with?? Got a 2kpro comp that is BSOD ing at startup. First got a 0x50, then 0xc2. Trying to read the dmp file but with notepad, wordpad and word it is just gibberish. What do I use to read it so it is sensible?? James
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    Need a app to save my website

    Need to leech everything from my website to my hdd. I forgot the password and now geocities is gonna shut it down. What can I use?? James
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    Epox 8k3a+ Help

    Yeah I am now waiting for a reply. James
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    Epox 8k3a+ Help

    Ibought a usb k/m, so it isn't a problem atm. Just looking for Epox usb drivers. James
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    Epox 8k3a+ Help

    I got it for free off a friend who got it for $10. No RMA here. Will try a flash. James
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    Epox 8k3a+ Help

    I have this motherboard and the two ps2 ports don't work all the time. If I flash the bios, will it fix this?? What else can I do?? Enable USB keyboard and mouse?? James
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    Another "what video card should I get" thread

    Hey Rag: I got the 9600xt with 2.5ns ram for 265 with free shipping. Sign up at and look for the OCAU special pricing thread there. James