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2 Jun 2002
What do I view it with?? Got a 2kpro comp that is BSOD ing at startup.

First got a 0x50, then 0xc2. Trying to read the dmp file but with notepad, wordpad and word it is just gibberish. What do I use to read it so it is sensible??

Notepad should work... Can you boot in safe mode to avoid the BSOD?
I get "pagepagepagepage" for lines and lines all over the place. It only does it sometimes so it is a bugger to debug. Done it twice so far, two different error messages.

Damn I hate intermittent problems. Delete the dump file that is there now and you might get an uncorrupted one next time it happens.
There is two. I will check the other. I have been told to "not make it worse" so I am not sure it is worth fixing to discover the underlying fault.

BSOD will only get worse. Of course you can wait until it dies completely and see if it will boot in safe mode then.
Found a description in event viewer. Is 0x00000001 in between 001000000 and 1ffeffff??

If so I think I have it done.

Not if you are using straight binary. If it is 1 or 2's complement I think yes.
This time I got:
0xc2 (0x0000007 0x00000b8a 0xe274f380 0xe274f388)

Haven't got it yet.


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