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    converting the 7 RTM 'ultimate' images to install any verison

    Hiya, if you want your "Ultimate" rtm images, to ask for which version of 7 you would like to install. simply use an iso editor like ultraiso, browse to the sources folder & delete the ei.cfg file.
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    News Windows 7 Released to Manufacturing

    & the OEM hashes 32-bit (x86) Windows 7 Ultimate RTM OEM English ISO File Name: 7600.16385.090713-1255_x86fre_client_en-us_OEM_Ultimate-GRMCULFREO_EN_DVD.iso Size: 2,501,894,144 bytes SHA1: 9018D76CD7EB1098257F8474D9D7D40AF948E143 MD5: 28ECC57D83286BC15E7CF7A80CB940F3 CRC: FDFFFF5A 64-bit...
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    Bink Nu Comfirming Windows 7 Has gone RTM Last Night

    i grabbed build 7600 (supposed RTM) & tried to instal on a vm it wouldnt accept my RC key.
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    Which router would you suggest?

    id go for draytek 2820n plenty of scope for vlan's and 4 independant ssid's
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    Best Router

    i use a draytek 2820vn, nice router, plenty of features
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    best dvd player for mce

    isnt the interlace options a part of the codec? i use nvidia codec & mce2005 within mce's interface there is a control panel for the nvidia codec, and it has options for intelace/deinterlace
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    Windows Vista SP2 RTM (Escrow build)

    hmm topic title says RTM, links say RC... is this final or still rc? cheers
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    eset nod32 v4 beta (public) help/comments -
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    Is there a multiple remote desktop application?

    thats a nice utility, i got 22 rdp pc's i manage and this makes it a much easier job... nice that its portable too & has master password. reps!
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    portable harddrives... do you trust them?
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    Control+Alt+Delete through RDC

    you can also go to start menu/windows security which will only appear through a rdp
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    Virus/Spyware XP Anti-Viurs 08

    we get many callouts & pc's in our shop for cleanups of this antivirus2008/2009 rubbish. best removal tool ive found is running combofix in safe mode most antivirus/spyware...
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    VMWare image for Win2003

    acronis ti echo workstation & universal restore can do this