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ESET is pleased to announce the availability of a new product generation for testing. Even though installation over older versions is supported, we recommend that you uninstall your current version prior to installing the beta. Since it's still a beta version, we do not recommend installing it on production systems.

The new version 4 features more than 50 improvements compared to the current version. The main changes are described below:

- integrated ESET SysInspector
- support for laptops (tasks can be postponed when the machine is running on batterry, a notification appears if a larger update is going to be downloaded, etc.)
- added a non-graphic interface (suitable for screen readers used by visually impaired persons)
- improved scanning of removable media (used maximum settings when running files from removable media, allows blocking/allowing USB ports)
- improved cleaning
- improved self-defense
- added statistic graphs and information about the currently scanned object
- added an option to use advanced heuristics on file execution
- added an option to control the level of archive scanning or maximum scan time of objects
- added option to supress notifications when applications are run in fullscreen mode
- scanning of encrypted HTTPs/POP3s protocols
- website management allowing to block/allow access to user-defined sites
- new Document protection module for scanning MS Office files
- added an option to connect to 2 ERA servers
- customizable context menu
- UAC support
- password protected uninstallation
- notification about missing operating system updates
- management of hidden dialog windows
- Thunderbird plugin
- Antispam now uses a user and global address books
- potentially unwanted/unsafe applications are now reported in a yellow alert window which requires a user interaction
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tried this on my laptop last night... took 50mins to scan the machine...
not sure if that's good or bad since i let it on default settings.

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depends how much you had on there, and you have to take into account how many viri its searching for, that and its a beta, get bugs out first speed improvements later

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takes near 3 hours for mine but i have a lot of rars and other files it has issues with, Carrara files and rather large .psd files - 80meg+

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