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Zoom Player - Review

I must say I am very impressed with Zoom Player, having tried it for the first time it contains all the features of my previous media player and then some.

Formerly I was using Media Player Classic, which in itself is a great player; however, the lack of updates to the point of wondering at the activity status of the project drove me to find something in development. Thus having Zoom Player recommended to me in the past, the time had come for me to test it for myself, and as I have said, I am very happy with the functionality of the product.

A Pro version is also available, although the vast number of features in even the free version are more than enough for the average user's needs. The only downfall is the length of time it took me to configure the player to my needs, having to search rather intensely through the many configuration options.

I definitely recommend it for those looking for a very good media player and would have to say this would have to be the best media player I have ever used.

Rating ** 5/5 **

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