Zonealarm pro problem



Hello all,

Can someone pls help with a prob with zonealarm pro (latest version) ?

It seems every time I start up my pc the damn program scans all of my hard drives and I have to wait for it to finish before I can do anything :(

Is there any way to stop this from happening so it won't keep scanning my hd's pls ?

Thanx for any help.......



I, too, had the problem of slow loading of the new ZA 3.0+ (well over a minute). I e-mailed their tech support and this is their reply:


Thanks for using ZoneAlarm Pro.

We apologize for the delay in responding to your email. Due to overwhelming response to our latest releases, we are processing many more emails than usual.

NOTE - Newer versions of ZA and ZAP contain security enhancements and resolve some known issues. Always be sure to upgrade to the latest version possible.

There are several things that can sometimes cause a problem with the Truevector service (vsmon) loading at startup. When the firewall service does not start properly but the user interface does, you will see a yellow X over the ZoneAlarm icon.

1) Adaptec CD can cause startup timing issues with the TrueVector service. We suggest that you set Adaptec CD to not load at startup. It will start automatically when you start the program.

2) Serial connections can cause hangs at startup. If you have a UPS or other device connected to a serial port, the following may help:

- If the UPS or other software appears in the Program list, try giving it access rights.
- If the device shows up as Internet Zone under Firewall -> Zones tab, try changing it to Trusted Zone.
- Otherwise, if the software does not appear in the Program list, try setting the software to not start automatically, then do a complete shut down. After a few seconds, power up the system. Now start up the software - if it asks for access, allow it access.

3) Sometimes there can be a conflict with too many things running at startup. In order to not have ZA/ZAP load automatically at startup at all :

- Click on the Overview - > Preferences.
- UNcheck the "Load ZoneAlarm at startup" checkbox.
- Reboot
- You will need to launch ZA/ZAP manually when you want it to start. You will NOT be protected until you manually start ZA/ZAP in this case.

If you continue to experience difficulty, the issue may be a problem with TrueVector or its database files. Please follow the instructions at the following page to refresh the database files:


There may be a problem with your TrueVector service. ZoneAlarm is dependent on its TrueVector service to function properly. You may need to refresh the files associated with this service, especially after a networking change, OS change, or ZoneAlarm update.

First, check in the upper right-hand corner of the ZoneAlarm Pro Window. You should see an "All Systems Active" message in green letters (to the right of the lock).

If the panel is displaying "All systems Active" and ZoneAlarm is still not functioning properly, it is possible that some files have become corrupt. To repair this problem, please follow these steps. Please note that this will remove your program permission settings (so you may want to make note of them), but re-establishing them is a simple process.

If any of the steps below does not apply to you, or you are unable to perform the function listed, please continue to the next step.

1. Open the ZoneAlarm program, go to the OVERVIEW >> PREFERENCES tab, and make sure the Load At Startup box is UNchecked.

2. REBOOT - You should now have no ZoneAlarm processes running on your system.

3. Open the Internet Logs directory (in 95/98/ME this will be "c:\windows\internet logs", in NT and 2000 it will be c:\winnt\internet logs, in Windows XP it could be either of these folders). If you need to keep a copy of old alerts, copy the ZAlog.txt file to another location first - then delete ALL files in this folder.

4. Empty your Recycle Bin.


6. You will need to start ZoneAlarm manually. (Click Start, Programs, Zone Labs, ZoneAlarm). ZoneAlarm will start up again with a fresh database. Each program should ask for access again if the files were properly deleted.

7. Be sure to REcheck anything you unchecked earlier.

NOTE: If you received an error message upon deleting the files, the original programs remain in the Programs list, or if the problem persists after this, removing the files in Safe Mode will allow you to delete the files properly. If you need further help with this, please reply to this email keeping all text intact as we do not archive previous emails.

If you need to reply to us, please keep all text intact.

You can download the latest version of ZoneAlarm and ZoneAlarm Pro from our website:

If the link above does not appear to work, be sure to REFRESH the download page, as it
may be cached locally. Save the file to your hard drive, rather than running it from its current location.

This page lists the products, as well as differences between them. ZAP users - Download the Trial version of ZAP 3.0, it is the full version - simply add your license key (you must have a current, unexpired license key). Please note that when you purchase a ZAP license, you get to use the program forever, and includes free technical support and upgrades for one year.

Be sure to install from an account with Administrative privileges, if your OS supports them.

Best regards,
Zone Labs Support


Zonealarm 3 is being a right pain - it loads fine nearly every time - but the main problem is it wants to and does scan all my hd's every reboot or restart of my pc.

I would have thought it would remember settings from prevoius scans and not scan again, unless maybe I install new software or something that wants to access the internet.

I would really like to be able to stop this from happening - I wonder if anyone has any knowledge of how to do this pls ?

Thx Augie for posting that email u received from zonelabs.

Thx for any help.........



can somone help me, what does this mean:
9. McAfee V-Shield.
We are aware of a conflict between ZoneAlarm's deskband and McAfee's V-Shield. To resolve this conflict:

- Step 1. Exit McAfee's V-Shield from the system tray.
- Step 2. Right-click on the task bar to launch the ZoneAlarm desk band.
- Step 3. Load Mcafee's V-Shield from McAfee anti-virus's "Options."
- Step 4. Select "V-Shield's Properties."
- Step 5. Click "OK" or "Yes " when prompted, "Do you want to load V-Shield now?"

McAfee's V-Shield and ZoneAlarm/ZoneAlarm Pro should now function together.


when i right-click on the taskbar i see the normal stuff, properties, task manager, not the ZAP desk band, also, its not under "toolbars" either and i don't have the necessary dll for it, can anyone send zoneband.dll from thier Zone Labs/Zone Alarm directory to, thanks!


personally i wouldn't touch ZAP with a bargepole. mainly for the abuse mail i answer at work with all the dns server stuff that comes through takes me long enough to filter through that to do the REAL work.

heh mind you my firewall is a linux box with portsentry installed.