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ZoneAlarm, ICS, and Crossover


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I have two machines directly connected using a crossover cable. I can share files fine between them and ping each of them from the other.

I am using dialup for the time being, and cannot get the client to access the internet. The connection on the host machine is shared, ICS is enabled, and the IP of the #2 machine is in ZoneAlarm's Trusted Zone.

Internet: 64.x.x.x (Internet)

Host: (Trusted)

Client: (Trusted)

I've also added the subnet under the Trusted zone, and even added an IP Range under Trusted. (0.1 - 1.255). Still can't access the net.

When I disable ZA, the internet works fine.

I've searched for documentation on the issue, and everything I find I have already done. Any tips or suggestions?

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