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Zone Alarm Pro



i have winxp pro installed and i am running zone alarm pro. i have the ms firewall disabled. when i boot up the computer it takes a good 3-5 or longer to load the zonealarm pro icon down by the clock. its like zonealarm pro is slowing everything else down in order to load itself. how can i fix this please?
I had the same problem. I got rid of Zone Alarm and I got Sygate. Problem solved. So I would also like to know the answer to this question.

Perris Calderon

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I hate za pro...the free is a better program, sygate is smoothest still

sygate just updated their free version...very nice

Hipster Doofus

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Turn za off at startup. Start/run/msconfig. Startup. Stop it in there.
Create a shortcut to za on the desktop. Once windows has loaded click the shortcut & see what happens.


What version of ZA do you run? Version 3.1.395 loads fine here. Previous versions used to run slow, but for me the updated version loads fine at startup.


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i did like sygate,very easy 2 setup/use but i had probs in that if anouther user restarted the computer + logged in before me (the acount i installed it on) they couldn't use the net cus it was all bloked, but if i loged in 1st then all was fine:p i said sod it + uninstalled it:D
ever since i put ZApro in the boot, everything that loads with it (AIM, etc...) will freeze till ZA loads. I don't like it, but i just walk away... thinking of getting rid of it since i am behind a firewall.

Perris Calderon

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hey, if you are behind a firewall, do not launch za, or any firewall.

let me tell you what the best solution is.

everyone should run spybot and xp antispy...that will stop your computor from accessing the internet.

then, enable the xp firewall, which is rated as good as these software firewall choices.

here's another choice.

download "netrun".

with this program, whatever you drag into the user intrerface will launch as soon as an internet connection is recognized.

you can also set this to turn off the same programs as soon as you ar disci=onnected from the internet.

this is an excellant choice for you

all of these are free programs posted on the free prgrams thread

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