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I am very new to computers and wondered if anyone could tell me how to zip an mp3 piece of music so it can be emailed to someone without it taking an hour to download. A step by step method of what to do would be very much appreciated.

Thank you


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The best utilities for zipping files are

Winzip @


PowerArchiver @

The latter is my fave.

Its all very simple from there, just open up either program and then drag and drop your file into it. It'll ask you to give the file a name and location on your PC and thats that.

PS I dont think you'll get much of a compression on a single mp3.

Best thing to do is get hold of Nero and the MP3Pro can then create MP3s of the same audio quality but HALF the size!!....then that can be get my point!


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MP3s dont compress very easily as they are already compressed, the best thing would be to get WinRAR and then create a bunch of volumes each about 512kb each, or 1 meg each something like that. Though the person you are sending the MP3 to will need WinRAR as well

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