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Zap! Some History Resurrected

American Zombie

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I spent hours playing the games mentioned in the book back then as did many others.
Apogee Software was founded in 1987 by Scott Miller in the bedroom of his parents' house. He ran it there by himself for quite some time as a very small "mom & pop" type organization, until it became what it is today. Anyway, one of Scott's friends growing up was George Broussard. The two of them used to do all kinds of things before they became involved in video games. Worked at burger joints, miniature golf courses, but one other thing they did was manage video arcades. Kids who grew up in the early/mid 80's should remember the huge popularity of video game arcades. Another thing that was popular then were books on how to beat video games. This was something that was not lost on Scott & George, and the two of them set out to strike it rich with their own book on beating video games.
Continued at source and you can download their book plus check out the old plan file update. I agree with one thing in the plan that was a mistake to games and that is when game makers added Continue (Y/N) to games.

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