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This will sound a bit like scrounging

I need some help if possible the Belfast Youth Group I do some work with is looking to get a suite of PC's however they don't have a lot of money to play with and i was wondering if anybody here could either point me in the direction of somewhere in the UK that supplies REALLY cheap computers with half decent specs. We're not looking for top to mid range machines.

Failing that do you tell think asking for ANY hardware that people don't want would be down right ignorant ???

We're just trying to do this as cheaply as possible.

Does anybody know what schools do with the machines when they are upgrading ??


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Put out a plea for donations. I would not be surprised if you were inundated. Especially if you are a registered tax free organization. I'd be boxing one or two right now if you were in the USA. There are a lot of last generation machines lying around collecting dust. The only issue will be software liscences. You may have to buy the operating system and any other software you need.

There is an alternative to buying the software too. The Open Source community makes just about any software you would need from multiple versions of Linux OS to MS Office knock offs. Google "open source".

If you get some bad computers in you can make refurbishing them a Youth Group project. Free advice right here at OSNN for trouble shooting. The kids can also learn installing Operating Systems, the Open Source world, etc.

Now the punch line. If this effort starts taking off hit a few of the on line media sites like Regsiter and tell your story. When MS and Apple see it you may get some new freebies too. Just so you don't turn out a generation of computer users aware that that there are free alternatives....

Almost forgot. If you must buy and Walmart has stores there check out their offering they include very cheap machines pre-loaded with Open Source software.


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Thanks I never even though about the licence aspect of things. i was thinking of redhat and you have just forced my hand on that topic. THANKS :)

What we could do is if we get components I could show them how to put them all together :) get everybody in on the act.

Right so anybody got stuff they don't want or need PM me and let me know ALL donations will be greatly appreciated.

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