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Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
I'm making major changes to my hard drive & want some input. I'll explain as I go.
Dual Booting using boot magic.

1st partition......Millennium............FAT32.............1.5 gig.
I have one game that refuses to load on XP & this is a way around it. Put the shortcut over to XP & it plays OK. This is why I need Millennium.

2nd partition......XP.................NTFS.............7.0 gig. (main system)
I want to take advantage of system restore.

3rd partition.....D drive......NTFS.........12 gig.
This is where I want to load most of my programs for XP.

4th partition.....E drive......NTFS...........15 gig.
I'm using a virtual CD & this is where they will go.

5th partition.....F drive.......FAT32.........2.5 gig.
This is where things like the game will go so I can use them in XP.

OK so how does this sound? Is it close or do I start again? Hope I explained it well enough.

If you install ME first, then you won't need boot magic, XP will pick it up and install it's own bootloader for you. From personal experience, there is no set in stone partitioning formula. Different flavors for different moods kinda thing. If you're happy with what you've laid out then you'll keep it for a good long time. If not, you'll change it, heh. :D

body electric

Are you going to use System Commander for the different operating systems?

If so, I have my 20GB hard drive at work partitioned 4 times here's the order in OS.

1. Windows 98 2nd 7.gb
2. Windows 2000 3.gb
3. Windows ME 2.gb
4. XP 9.1gb

I would install 2000 twice and upgrade one to XP it worked for me..Thing is I don't have NTFS at all..should I?


Hipster, sounds logical, your suggested setup. Just for your own personal amusement heres my setup!!! ;)..

2x 40gb drives..both masters....

c:\ xp system & files (25gb)
d:\ cache files (2.5gb)(pagefile - temp internet)
e:\temp (2.5gb)
f:\files (37gb)(music - documents etc and backup)
g:\games (12gb)

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
OK new line of thought here. If I go with the above settings & laod what I want on ME then turn off boot magic so as to go straight to XP, will that be OK remembering that XP is on the second partition? :confused:


How do you partition your HD?

I have a massive 70 gig HD and a smaller 5+ gig hd (most of my system files are preset on that hd). At any rate ... I hear that by partitioning your HD .. it makes it quicker and more responsive. How can I partition my 70 giger to be set up in sections for applications ... games ... performance related programs .. etc?

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