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Your Privacy at Stake

This right here makes me really wonder about our freedoms in America.

Federal Agency Nixes Your Right to Privacy

the NTIA, without a hearing or an opportunity for a response by those affected -- in fact; there was no due process of any kind. It's ironic that the NTIA has taken away our first amendment rights to privacy for the one domain name (.US) that is specifically intended for Americans. These bureaucrats stripped away the privacy that you're entitled to as an American; on the only domain name that says that you are an American.
Sounds like some middle of the night type tactics. Oh wait, I guess it was.


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oh my the ONLY domain that makes Americans feel American.........please, there are no rights in this country, its all a smokescreen to keep the populace under control.

Besides .com is really the domain of choice and i hardly think a domain name accentuates ones country of origin.

Let the government freaks check it out, what are you doing on the net that you don't want them to see anyway?

Freedom of speech and privacy are all an illusion, so get a grip. That quote you gave IS the reality we live, not the future.
First off, it does not bother me that they did it. It bothers me the way that they did it. There are so-called routes that these type things are supposed to go thru and they just decided that since they are the government that it did not matter and just skipped them. I personally do not care that my information is out there on my domain names. The Bush Government has just gotten to a point where they feel that they can do anything they see fit and there is not a thing anyone can do about it.


The Voices Talk to Me
You all act like this is something new. The same thing happens EVERY DAY! Bills and laws are passed that no one, not even those who approve them, ever see or hear about. The governement can look at any website, email, chat session there is already. Why is this event such "news"?


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Maybe we should start a movement( besides eating a prune). I can see it now, US ppl at osnn sue the NTIA, all somehow end up dead... dont think so :(
Surely you all realise by now that those of us not bathed in riches mean nothing to those in the upper classes and are nothing to those in the upperclasses.

We're here to have money and freedom removed from. Always have, always will be.

The only way to get anywhere in the world is with money. To get money you need to be devious and ruthless.

As most of us on here are neither, we just have to sit back and watch as the wheels turn and history repeats.

Personally i'm fed up of these sorts of threads. I'd be very much greatful if they reduced or stopped. I know the world is an unfair place, I know that everyday people have fewer and fewer rights.

But this is a tech forum. Not a place to debate how long it will be before events run their course and people are driven to rebellion again.

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