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Your chance to help the Mozilla team

Be a part of Firefox's community marketing project.

Blake, one of the members of the Firefox development team, posted this over at the mozillaZine forums.

Blake said:
We didn't start the fire. But we're certainly going to keep it burning.

We kick off our first community marketing project with a simple task, but one that shouldn't be underestimated: boosting our ratings at top download sites like download.com. While our percentages at such sites are impressive, the number of users who have reviewed the product is decidedly not. For example, at the time of this writing, only 79 users have voted on and reviewed Firefox. This is not going to sway the millions of folks who frequent download.com. It's not going to launch us to the top of the popularity lists. And, most importantly, it's not going to get us featured on the prime real estate that is download.com's front page. We've spoken to c|net editors. It's the applications that are generating the buzz that make it onto their front page for weeks at a time, and that make it into their news stories.

In light of that, we introduce our first community marketing project with a, er, modest goal: One thousand reviews of Firefox. By next week. Your job is to go to the Firefox product listing (Mac version available here) and vote on/review Firefox. Your next job is to get five people to vote also. Your final task is to spread the word about this campaign in one public area (blogs work well for this). We are not telling you how to vote or what to say in your review. We are just asking you to get out the vote.

Please don't take this task lightly. We've spoken to c|net, and it really does have a major impact on the future success of our product. Thanks for all your help, and I'm looking forward to seeing what we can do this week to spread the flames.
So go ahead and get your votes/reviews in.


- geek -
Sad part is something like this gives "credit" to people that perhaps the reviews are fake :(

Look at the time of the reviews
The time of all the reviews were posted are VERY VERY CLOSE to eachother alot within seconds or minutes. Very shaddy
Xie said:
Sad part is something like this gives "credit" to people that perhaps the reviews are fake :(
Doesn't Download.com allow you to vote for and review any app only once based on your login details? I had to register before I could vote, so I thought they don't allow more than one vote by the same registered user.

Besides, there's nothing wrong with having many reviews posted in a short time frame. Blake clearly stated in his post that he is just prompting people to vote, rather than telling them to vote for/against it, so the reviews aren't going to be biased. It's just that more Firefox users who previously ignored the ratings section are now voting for it, whether their experience with the browser was good or bad. For example, Unwonted posted a negative review. Nothing wrong with that either...that was just his experience with it.


- geek -
Yeah you have to register but I'm still sure people spam the reviews :p Also registering keeps many from voting :(

-edit- I say that 2nd comment after finding I had to register to vote for Mozilla as it would be nice to see it get higher numbers then Firefox. :D
This is heartening:

Asa Dotzler said:
You all are AMAZING! In the first day alone you all have added over 400 reviews! And the testimonials and reviews are just awesome. We don't have the millions (probably hundreds of millions) of dollars that the other guys have and we don't have a desktop monopoly to take advantage of but what we do have is a great product and an even greater community.

We can and we will hit 1,000 reviews. I read a lot of comments about losing all your hard work when they updated to 0.9.2. Well, the Windows version has been updated to Firefox 0.9.2 and the reviews are all still there.

If you've already contacted all of your Firefox using friends and family, then it's time to get some more converts :) You all are unstoppable :D In less than one day, you've made a real quantifiable difference. You've added hundreds of great reviews, pushing Firefox up to the most reviewed of all of the popular browsers at download.com. You've pushed the rating up to 96% giving us 3rd spot in the browser listings and with an average rating of 5 (the best)in features, ease of use, and performance.

Some of you may have thought I was kidding when I said we'd get 10,000 reviews by 1.0. That's a pretty large number, but how many of you would have guessed that we'd have added nearly 400 reviews in the first day? We just need to keep spreading the word -- getting people to try Firefox so they'll fall in love, pointing them at the download.com listing, and then getting them to go after their friends to switch to Firefox. Let's keep this rolling right up to 1.0!
NetRyder said:
Unwonted posted a negative review. Nothing wrong with that either...that was just his experience with it.
I was just being overly harsh with it. I'm a die hard MyIE fan :eek: ...Firefox is definitely a good browser, it's just not what i want. I hope people take my review with a spoonful of salt...:D

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