**~yo look its usb in da bay!

hey i want usb *preferably usb 2.0* to be in a 3.5inch bay *the same one as the floppies go in*. can anyone assist me on purchasing this ideal component. i found one called easyusb that antec makes but it goes on the 5. inch whatever bay.


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hey, that's a good idea. i could use something like that. so i looked and found this:

it's a 4-port hub that goes right in your 3.5" bay. the thing i don't like about it is it uses a usb cable to connect your usb port on the back of your computer, i guess... unless you have an internal port somewhere. but i suppose you could splice some cables and connect it to the internal expansion ports on your mobo.

anyway, i'm gonna go look for other ones.


Front USB ports

I installed just what you are talking about a few weeks ago.

I bought a unit that fits into a 3.5" bay and provides three new USB ports in the front. But wait, thats not all! It also included a PCI card that slips into a empty slot and adds two more USB ports in the back! So I got five more ports, three front and two back. And I still have my orginial 2 in the back so now I have a total of 7!

I saw the ones the previous poster show that requires a USB cable connection, but I like the way mine installs with a PCI card.

I found mine on eBay and I paid something like $24 plus shipping.

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That looks good; I think almostfamous should get that one.

Rjack; any idea what it was called? What your purchased on Ebay?


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you mean like this?:

that's neat and all, but i'd rather see him use the onboard usb headers that almost all motherboards have.

but if he doesn't have them or they're not usb 2.0.. then go for it. }:>


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Posted by almostfamous88
if i want usb 2.0 on my front does that mean i have to have usb2.0 on my motherboard? b/c i don't
no, it doesn't. that second one i showed you has it's own pci card, so all you'll need is an open pci slot. the usb 2.0 is on the card.



Almost like that. The one I got had to USB ports on the card as well so that you gained two more in the back as well.

I can't remember what it was called when I searched on eBay. I think I just did a search for USB ports or hubs.

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