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Yet Another Thread Regarding a Web Host


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I have come to a point where I can't tolerate 1and1 anymore. I won't rant any more than I already have about my countless issues, but it's time to move on. I have unique needs for my hosting packages, mostly because I have a few services I need and I prefer to have them all in one place. After a few hours on the net, I found what seems to be a good choice:


I looked at the BBB to which they are not a member. I read some reviews online and there seems to be more negativity out there than positive feedback.

I guess I'm asking if anyone has any experience with them or knows anyone who has used them. I'm going to call them in a few and try to confirm some of the bad things, such as their support actually being in Russia. But I wanted to check here too. Any real world feedback on these guys?


OK, Intermedia is out. I have been reading reviews on them for over an hour on countless sites and the negative outweigh the positive by almost 2/1. At this point, I almost have to think the people who have positive reviews are either clueless, or employees of Intermedia.

The search continues...
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1and1 was pretty good for the first 4 years I was with them, but they have definitely started going downhill in the last year or so. I moved from 1and1 to "A Small Orange" about 6 months ago, and my experience with them has been great so far.

Response times for support tickets have been lightning fast - I had to get an ssh account on the server when I first signed up, for example, and they completed the request exactly 3 minutes after I submitted the ticket. More complex requests are obviously not resolved as quickly, but they're generally very responsive. You can also ask for help on their forums, and the people there are very helpful.

The servers are well-maintained and reliable, and I've not noticed any downtime of over a few minutes at a time. They've also got a nice status page that shows you if there are any problems with the box that your site is hosted on. :)


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Thanks for the info guys!

I think the reason why I'm still consdering intermedia is that they have some of the key features I'm interested in. The main things I'm looking for is that I want to do private label re-selling for hosted exchange 2007, and I want a company that can offer that at a reasonable price and who also does web hosting (most I found don't do both).


SherWeb is also a compelling offer, although they don't do private label.

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If you are looking for dedicated, the place I work at has managed servers from Server Beach and we've been with them for years now, no problems and very helpful. I've had a dedicated server from The Planet as well for personal/group projects, I started with a P3 with 1 gig of RAM years ago and have since upgraded to a dual Xeon server. Except for the fact that the upgrade process was painful, they were decent enough.

For a personal webhost, I've used Routhost and Servage. They seem like they oversell their servers, but for sites that aren't high trafficked, they do a great job. Support has been very fast through e-mail. My only gripe is with servage and the fact that they don't offer SSH, but that is understandable since their hosting is clustered.


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OK after a lot of searching, I have settled with Sherweb (www.sherweb.com). They have the best combination of features combined with reputation from all the hosts I looked at. They don't have private label unless I have 150+ users, but I can deal with that.

Making the change this week, thank god!

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