Yet anOther Desktop Manager 3D


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30 Jan 2002
YOD'M3D, alt-tab thingy in 3D. I installed it at work on an old Win 2k workhorse and it seems to be running fine...

Screenshot from the developer


Download is @


I had a chance to try this out the other day. It's not a bad start, but it would be much nicer if it leveraged the DWM API in Vista so that the virtual desktops would be "live" while the cube is spinning. The current version simply takes a snapshot each time you switch.
You're right Ryder, and on my Win2k I can see it taking the snapshot, coz the animation stops for a while; there is a slight delay. Windows on the cube ain't live indeed...
compiz and beryl do this brilliantly, and "live" too :D

runs real smooth on a p4 2.4, 512mb ram and radeon 9250
compiz and beryl do this brilliantly, and "live" too :D
Yeah. That's the way it should be.
Except at that point, it won't be backward-compatible with XP/2k, but from a purely selfish standpoint, who cares about them anymore? ;P

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