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25 Dec 2001
I have noticed sometimes (getting more frequent) that my boot times are increasing. I will input my password at the logon screen and the computer will stay at that screen for about a minute (if not longer) until the desktop appears. During that delay, nothing is happening, no hard drive use at all. Other times it goes right to the desktop without any delay.

I looked at my event viewer and found a couple warnings. When I view the warning it has some message that i don't understand and a link that says: For more information, see Help and Support Center at

So, i click the link but it says that MS is sorry and they have no information on my errors at this time. :mad:

I have attached screen shots of the errors in case someone can decipher them for me

Error1 appears under the "Application" section of the viewer and Error2 appears under the "System" section. I've blanked out the IP address and Network Card address in case its possible for some unscrupulous individual to glean harmful info about my PC :)
The first message is referring to a program being not fully shutdown when the registry was saved, you might try decreasing the time to kill apps at shutdown to fix that

The 2nd error message is being caused when the computer boots is getting a IP from a DHCP server that is different then the IP it is configured for, do you have a static or dynamic IP, and do you use DSL or cable?
Thanks for your response.

1: How do you decrease the time to kill apps at shutdown?

2: I'm not sure really. All I use my NIC for is a 2 computer network. My internet is dialup (on both PCs). I do know that the IP always shows the same IP address, so that is static. Ive tried setting the DHCP service to manual, but then i can't browse the other network PC until i restart it.

This is weird too, sometimes it boots right up and sometimes there is a long delay (last clocked at 1 min 25 sec).

I clear the event log after each boot and it always shows the same errors whether it boots right away or it boots slow. That leads me to believe those warnings are not what's causing my problems.

I've disabled most things using msconfig so i only have directCD (all patches have been applied CORRECTLY, even 5.02d), rundll32, Norton stuff, fast, and taskswitch.

Thanks again.

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