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YAY we got email notification back!!!


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Originally posted by Krux
Go us!!! I know this is a completely worthless post but there should be a place where we can cheer :D GO NTFS!
Are most of your posts? :eek: :runs:

You know I'm just joking :)


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Re: Re: YAY we got email notification back!!!

Originally posted by Jewelzz
Are most of your posts? :eek: :runs:

You know I'm just joking :)
cut me deap :( ouch......

/me goes to corner to reflect on all his worthless posts.


I may actually be insane.
No there won't you fewl! :p

We have a new lighter theme prepared and ready for upload, we are waiting for Waddy to give EP the required access to do so.
So this could be tommorow, it could be december.
Waddy is a busy man, and he funds all of this, so we have to respect that and his desicons.
In short, new themes ARE coming, thats a definate, we just aren't 100% sure when.


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bleh do you mind i was trying 2 get there hopes up:rolleyes:

you've just sent them back 2 the holes they crawled out of;)


I may actually be insane.
There's no point promising something that we can't deliver, it just leads to dissapointment.

So as I say, changes will happen, thats the only thing we can guarentee at the moment, the time and/or date, we can not guarentee.

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