YAY...I finally got my broadband!!!


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now yer in the big league m8... :D

leave dem little boys behind

/me points specifically @ henyman...


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man...i dun know what to go download first...hehe....i just went to windowsupdate and got all patched up and got my firewall reinstalled and now i am ready to roll...:)
just a warning but you might get a little "download happy" at first. you will do a lot of "hm, this looks good" downloading and uninstalling. be ready with a nice Restore Point.


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Hey Adrenalize...a little off topic but I noticed you had
an Asus A7N8X mobo and a Radeon 9700 pro.
Can you run your system on 8x graphics setting?


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Ahhh braodband. ( :-( mines only 159k max)

Must haves:
Image the drive periodically
Restore point before every new install and update.

Enjoy (beware of Kazaa it is being watched and users litigated against).


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My firewall is up and running...I use Sygate Personal Firewall...for anti-virus is use NAV 2003 Pro...I plan on imaging the C:\ drive again soon....where do ya go to set the restore points tho?...I forgot...


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Cramcast is usually capped at 1800kbps (or 225kB/s) but they are experimenting with raising their caps to 3500kbps (or 437.5kB/s), they are uncapping to 3500 until Sept 30th. I would expect a slowdown to 180-200kB/s unless they leave it at 3500.

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