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Yahoo Messenger Install Issue


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Hey guys,

As many of you know I am deployed forward to the middle east (Qatar to be exact)

I am having problems installing Yahoo Messenger, I believe in the new they are blocking a portion of the yahoo messenger installer.

This is just an educated guess, they already have the site blocked, so in my sneakyness I opened a command prompt, did an NSLOOKUP of messenger.yahoo.com and pasted the IP into my browser.

The installation begins and gets all the way to where I click "finish"
However, it never does... I had the yahoo messenger installed once already, and now it will not re-install.

I guess what I am looking for is either another app to run yahoo messenger OR a way to see if the application is being blocked on the network...

This is starting to irritate me, because in this instance we are riding another network, I know ours isnt blocking anything, so the only thing I can figure is the other government entity might have an important port blocked, or have it running via proxy only...

ANY help to resolve this is GREATLY appreciated...

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