yabba babba bubba .. Iam going to see JIMMY BUFFETT !!!!!

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by Johnny, Mar 28, 2005.

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    yabba babba bubba .. Man I am drunk !!

    ManI feel like I could float in the air I am sooooooo floaty. I been drinking margaritas an dbahama mammas all day. I am goign to see JIMMY BUFFETT in june at pnc park in puiuittsbugh. so I am getting ready, Man I am soooo psyched, he is like my hero dudes, I have wanted to go see him for soooo long. I wil be trying everythign I can to meet the guy.

    Is taht cool or what ??? I have secoind row seats. Now how is that for close up>? I only have my sifes aunt for getting the tickets, they were $100.00 a peace, she bought 6 of them .. You beleive theat ?? then the lasy makes around 250,000 a year,so she can afford it lol ..

    Anyway, halleluigh, I feel HAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPY !!!