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Xsvid ?

I recently downloaded a television show that is in this format. I want to watch it on my computer, not burn it to disk. Does anyone know how I can go about this? Is there a way to convert it?


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XSVCD is yet another hack of the VCD format, this time pushing the bit rate of the SVCD to the same level as DVD (9.8Mbit/second). XSVCD can also output PAL or NTSC resolution.*
The main advantage of XSVCD over XVCD is that most DVD players can read SVCD, so they can by default read the XSVCD format too.

Unfortunately, as it is with the XVCD format, very little material can be held on one disc, making it virtually impossible for the format to ever accommodate anything but short clips, or music videos.
Looks like an SVCD/DVD playing app should be able to handle it. I would imagine (but can't guarantee) that VideoLAN would be able to play it.


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try using iso buster to extract but only filter mf2f mpeg frames. This should make it watchable on a comp. (instead of burning it)

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