XP2100+ operating at low fsb

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Mrlucky0690, Apr 16, 2003.

  1. Mrlucky0690

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    I have:

    MSI KT4 Ultra
    512 DDR 2100 Kingston
    80 gig hdd
    Geforce2 64 meg

    The problem is that My 2100+ is running at a low fsb of 100 mhz, which is forcing it down to a 1500+ (1.3ghz aprox) When i changed my fsb to 133 like it should be set at the computer will not boot up, and i have to recent my motherboard to defaults with the jumpers. Is there a way to fix this? Is it a comflicting problem between my mb and processor? is the MB bad? Any help would be really appreciated... i can run it fine at 1500+ but i want it at top speed. Thanks for any information you have.

    By not boot up I mean nothing happens. It doesnt even start its boot up cycle. The graphics card screen doesnt come up, i cant enter bios. nothing.
  2. dubstar

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    its definitly your keyboard holding you back. make sure its plugged in right. that'll bring you to 2100+

    note: i am very bored, and you are an easy target. no offense, im a big loser.. welcome to NTFS.org
  3. blinden

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    what's your ram like?

    DDR I suppose, what rating, brand..

    when you say it won't boot up, do you mean it won't POST or that it won't load windows or what? details.. they are important.
  4. freightgod

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    I recently had the same exact problem with the same mobo and processor. I thought I would go mad.

    First, make sure you've tried setting fsb to 133 with the jumper on the mobo (didn't work for me, but it may for you).

    Second, make sure you've got the heatsink properly seated and greased on the processor.

    My ultimate solution was to buy a new processor and send back the first one I purchased (yeah, I know, who would have thought!!!!). When I finally purchased some Arctic Silver and installed the new 2100 I was able to clock at 133 no problem!!!
  5. box2k2

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    Had similar problem here.

    TAke out everthing you don't need to boot - expansion cards etc. I think you just need mb, processor, 1 memory stick, video, fdd

    Make sure you have the MSI 4 LED thingy (S-Bracket?) in.

    What does that LED thingy tell you? - have a look in the manual
  6. Taurus

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    and make sure your memory is running syncronously with the fsb. for instance, if your fsb is 100mhz, your memory will be running at 200mhz ddr (pc1600). this way it will be running at 266mhz ddr (pc2100) when you up your fsb to 133.