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-=Xp0=- Clan Rules & Server Rules

1. We do not allow any offensive langu... **** it, basically just dont piss off other members both in- game and in the forum
Rule one also applies to members of other clans while we are in a clan match with them if they are just unofficially playing us, no biggie :)

2. Try to play in as many clan matches as possible, we know it is a computer game and some of are members have lives, but joining -=Xp0=- means participating. Check your email and the members page frequently to keep current on new scheduled events.

3. We have zero tolerance for cheating. If you're caught, you're gone. Any -=Xp0=- member caught cheating by another player/member or by anti-cheat detection software on the server will have 24hrs to explain the presence of cheats on your system. If your excuse is plausible, you must remove the cheats via a total re-format of your HD. If we don't believe you, you are permanently dropped from the clan and banned from the server. If you start to suck as a result of removing the cheats, we will drop you on suspicion of cheating.

4. Members are expected NOT be part of any other CS clan while in -=Xp0=-. Joining -=Xp0=- means committing to us as your only Counter-Strike clan. While you can be in clans for other mods or games, its generally not a good idea since we are gearing up for OGL league play soon.

5. Do not whine, *****, complain, or make a nuisence of yourself while using the -=Xp0=- tag, DO NOT accuse players of cheating or hacking without some kind of proof. Continuly complaining or whining will not be tolerated. This rule applies to any -=Xpo=- member, and anybody playing on our server, or representing xp-erience.org.

Server Admin Code of Conduct

All members who have admin privileges should read carefully to prevent abuse of your server admin status. Detailed below are the ONLY times you should have to invoke admin commands to administer the server. Any other use of the commands may be viewed as abuse. Unless you have a VERY GOOD reason for using admin commands other than described below, DON'T.

1. Cheating - If you or another player catches someone cheating -- and you are 100% sure that the accused player is cheating -- then they should be banned from the server for at least 24 hours, if not permanently, depending on the severity of cheating.
2. Excessive Camping - If there is one player on each team left in the game and one of them is camping, then you should issue a verbal warning using admin say commands. If they continue to camp you should then "slap" them -- several times if necessary. If the player camps excessively throughout the game, then they should be kicked.
3. Uneven Teams - There is no requirement on our sever for teams to always be even. However, should the teams become uneven, whether in number of players or skill level, or -=Xp0=- members would like to occupy the same team, then first ASK the player(s) to move to the other team. If they don't respond within 1 or 2 rounds, THEN use the "admin_t" or "admin_ct" commands to manually move them.
4. AFK's - If players are AFK for 3 rounds then they should be kicked.
5. Severely Lagging Players - HPB's (High Ping *******s) who consistently display a ping higher than 500 should be ASKED to leave and then kicked if they don't respond.
6. Server Lag - If there are so many players on the server to cause severe lag for all players, kick non--=Xp0=- players until the game becomes playable again.
7. ******* Patrol - Even though we allow profanity on our server, players should not use it excessively (see general policy above). If a player becomes verbally abusive and/or insults the admin, -=Xp0=- members, or other players then ASK them to stop. They should be llama'd or gaged for at least 10 min if they continue. Since we don't tolerate hardcore bull**** on the server, players who are excessively abusive to you or other players should be ASKED to leave -- kick them if they don't.
8. Power-tripping Clan *****es - Admins can now give stern warnings to non--=Xp0=- players if they try to wrongfully influence an admin's decisions. Admins are also allowed to kick these annoying users off the server if this behavior continues. In the most extreme cases, a ban will result.
9. Clan Recruiting - Only -=Xp0=- is allowed to openly recruit on the server. If you run across other clans openly recruiting or advertising the fact, you may give a stern warning, or kick the violator off the server depending on the severity. Don't reprimand other players for asking if clans are recruiting, but discourage other clans from openly soliciting this behavior from our server community.

The point here is first ASK people to do things before using the admin commands. Let players know that you are an admin. You'll find that most people will do what you ask. Most importantly, only use the admin "say" commands to ask people to do things described above, to issue warnings, or to say something that is PERTINENT and/or IMPORTANT to ALL players in the game. Otherwise, don't use those commands in place of you're regular talk commands or to bull****.

If you don't have access to all the commands needed to follow the steps described above, do the best with what you have and don't worry about the rest. For situations other than those listed above, the only requirement is to use sound judgement.



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lol if only I could read what you posted iceman... lol all I see is **************************'s


maybe one of these days I will come and play on the server :)


Originally posted by Sazar
lol if only I could read what you posted iceman... lol all I see is **************************'s


maybe one of these days I will come and play on the server :)

I know what you mean lol i went to add em into somethin and sat there and wondered what half the **** were atleast enough wasnt lol

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