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XP will not warm boot?



Tbird 1.4, 80 g and 60 Gig Hd 3x256M ram

For some reason now my sytem will not warm boot..

i.e if I update say the video driver .. and prompt for restart ..

the screen will display some system file missing or noskernel.exe missing?

and following that I SWITCH OFF the PC for 2 minutes .. and it will startup to XP no probem?

Is this the MB issue ?

I have swap the memory around

have tried it with 1 x 256M, 2 x 256M ram with each one and it still give the same probelm..

I thought it was the heat issue .. I put a delta fan for the heatsink.... not helping either?

BTW if I cold boot to XP ... I can play any game for hours without lockout.. and the system is very stable ?

I have also re-installed XP fresh
still no warm boot ?

anyone experience such strange encounter before ?

I have the feeling tis the MB issue!

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Quote: the screen will display some system file missing or noskernel.exe missing?

Need to know the exact error message then the fix should come readily.


Exactlt as posted..

MY PC will not warm boot..
e.g if I install an application, say a firewall software

and prompt for restart..and if I press the restart TAB..

the system will either show a black screen or some missing files..

the missing changes all the times..

then I switch off the PC .. wait for 2 minutes.

it will just startup to XP as normal

the original dsipaly missing files does not show or ablack screen which I expect to happen?

In the past I just put in the XP CD and repair it..
Now this is entirely different.

Yes I thought it was trojan or virus too..

.. I have formatted the partition and re-installed XP countless times already..

BTW this happen even to freshly installed XP!

I am certain the culprit is the motherboard .. just that I am not willing to fork out some $ for a new MB ,, just after Xmas.. :)

it might be just a reisitor or condenser going bad!

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