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XP-Tweaking Guide


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Hi all,

I'm impressed about the popularity of the XP-Tweaking Guide. Within a month more then 26.000 downloads...unbelievable.

From this place I will thank you all for your positive reactions so far.

Especially I will thanks Electronic Punk and also Enyo. These guys make it possible that the Tweaking Guide is a success. Well done guys!

I'm now still busy with "The Tweaking Experience 2.0". Yes you read it right the Tweaking Guide has changed to....

This guide will the biggest update so far. There a many corrections and interface changes. But more important there are more then 50 new exciting Tweaks.

I have try to decrease the size of this guide. And I'm succeeded. The guide is now arround 8 MB with more Tweaks so far.

Please stay tuned, I inform you when "The Tweaking Experience 2.0" is ready.

Kind Regards,

Lex van der Horst.

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