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XP to 98 can't ping or browse but I see it


OSNN One Post Wonder
Trying to create a simple workgroup network with a 8 port hub. Just 1 XP and 1 Win 98. Have the ip numbers as as the xp and as the win 98. Subnet Both show in the

Microsoft Windows Network on the XP box but doesn't show on the 98. When I double click the 98 from XP I get this error:

\\win98pc is not accessible. You might not have permission to use the network resource. Contact the administrator of this server find out if you have access permissions.

The network path was not found.

Can't ping each other from either machine but they can ping themselves. I can print from the xp to a tcp/ip printer.

All firewalls are off.

This is set to 0

NETBEUI is installed on win98 and bound to tcp/ip. I may use this for security but I don't have an internet connection to the network yet. Getting one soon. Just want a TCP/IP workgroup for now. Hopefully AOL dialup on the XP doesn't pose much of a threat.

Green light on at NIC-rj45 connection on win98. Orange on XP.

I'm downloading an updated driver for the win98 Intel (82559) Series Ethernet NIC. Might this possibly help?

thank you


OSNN One Post Wonder
Yep! sure did. I just knew I would leave out some things in my post. Should've included that in there.

If it's relevant the file and print advanced properties are:
Browse Master - Auto
LM Announce - No

Any other ideas are appreciated though.

Shut down all firewalls including the windows firewall and see if you can ping then.

Reboot all computers and the hub also after the firewalls are disabled.

And I think you need to run the network wizard on the XP box and it creates a floppy to install on the 98. Been too long since I used 98...


OSNN One Post Wonder
Yes I've got to this point before about the network disk floppy and I was trying to work around it. The Win XP box doesn't have a floppy. The old 98 only has a cd-rom and a zip. Is there a way to make this network disk by burning a CD or putting it to a zip?

I know this is rediculous for something that should be so simple. I'm to the point of getting another zip drive putting the files I need on it and getting another pc.
Oh! that's what microsoft wants. Way to go guys.

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