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XP to 2k LAN first access *terrible* slow



I habe one WinXP and four Win2k computers in a local network. All have IP numbers and links in each computers start menu to the hard drives of all other computers to quickly access each other. All computer can ping each other, but when the WinXP computer tries to access any of the Win2k-machines *for the first time in a session*, it locks up for up to THREE MINUTES until it sees the other computers drive. At the same time, when trying to access the WinXP-machine from a Win2k-computer, it's working immediately without any delay.
There are no any significant informations in the event protocol excel "EAPOL service started", "NProtectService started" and SNMP EvntAgent started" - that's normal I guess.
Once I bear the initial wait, I can then access all drives on the 2k-machine from XP as quickly as ever, but after a while, XP makes me wait again.
Any idea?
Harry Zingel


check that and try again. and one thing you must be aware of is your network is not, never was, and never will be "instant on". it takes time for your computers to all recognize and acknowledge eachother, and if you're trying to access one of them before this has fully happened, it can cause delays. but chances are this tip will solve your speed issues.


Thanx for this one... but it did not help. There may perhaps a very slight change, but still it takes MINUTES until I see the other drives in the network. Another observation is that if I click a link to another computer in the start menu, the start menu is completely tied up until the other computer is reached but during that time I can click links that are on the desktop & activate programs that run behind the opened start menu; if I place such a link on the desktop, it gets tied up entirely but I can still use the start menu.

Btw, the network monitor in the task manager says the LAN connection is working but it displays no any traffic when waiting and cpu load is 0%...:confused:

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