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Xp Themes!


I have had XP Home for about 6 months and i am getting v.bored of the themes which came with it, cos theres only 3!! i have plus xp which added next to nothing basicaly, and i was wondering is there any good free prgrams which i can download to get some cool xp themes/skins i have tried Xp Blinds and Style Xp but they run out after time and they are to clumsy to use, is there anything that is easy to use which looks cool?

Please Help Me!


From Ste

P.S Hi alex
nothing that is both easy to use and free, do a search for the uxtheme.dll hack in these forums, it will let you continue to style xp themes.

good luck :D


.:: FTPAlex ::.
I am also getting bored of the stupid design themes from the original Windows XP. You would of thought with all the new technology (so to speak) with this new interface of XP itself, you would of been able to get more of a selection but once again we are proved wrong by the greedyness of Microsoft. Stlye XP as ste_w has explained, has a limited amount of time to be able to use the program but also, most of the decent themes dont really work properly on it. Are there any good theme programs or is there a theme program gonna be added to this new update which is comming out soon? Someone help us with the world of boring XP desktops and give us more selections of styles.


Sincerly Alex

P.S Hi Ste :)
See im not crazy, the themes are v.boring.
Please help us bored xp civilians.
And alex how do u get those pics under Your name?

Help us get more themes Some one!!!!



Some one reply!!
you can try litestep, but to use it you have to know what your doing, and it sounds like you don't. I'm sorry but there really ain't any free and easy programs that will let you do this.

stylexp and windowblinds are your two viable options.

I've never had a problem with either of them, I change my desktop, probably three of four times a week.

as far as the time limit on stylexp. use the hacked uxtheme.dll found here in this forum. :(

good luck ;)


.:: FTPAlex ::.
Litestep causes errors.. Its not as if we dont know what we are doing Iceman, its finding the stuff for our needs. Once we get the program then we are about to sort it out but from Xp-erience ;), we have found that Style XP is DINK, Windows Blinds is DINK and i think LiteStep is pretty DINK too. Thanx for helpin though IceMan, i supose ill just stick with the alternate colours on the default Windows XP... its easier and can help prevent errors. Thanx everyone

Sincerly Alex

P.S Ste, you gettin any of those Dinky Programs? i could be bothered with um personally


cracks, serials, keygens are always available... if you'll just search for it..., that would make ur theme program unlimited...;)

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