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XP skinning system broken?



Not sure whats happened but my xp skinning only seems to be half working at the moment.

It skins open windows and toolbars etc., skins everything except the start menu and the taskbar. I've tried everything, adjust the performance things and adjusting classic/xp start menu etc. but i cant seem to get it back how it was. Does anyone have any idea what needs/has been changed? is it a registry thing or something in control panel etc.

many thanks


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XP does not use themes. You must use visual styles. (msstyles)
What program are you using to change the 'theme'? Is it a theme or a msstyle?


sorry i meant .msstyles

just using display properties, appearance tab

the uxtheme.dll is cracked, it loads all custom .msstyles but the skinning is applied to everything except the taskbar/startmenu which remains as shown in the screenie throughout.


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Have you tried playing with the start menu settings? Go to Settings>Taskbar and Start Menu>Start Menu Tab, and choose Start Menu, not Classic Start Menu.


ive tried taskbar settings etc., changing those has no effect, if u notice in the screenshot the start menu is actually on xp style but without the colours/user icon etc.

it started cos i ran system file checker to replace a corrupt dll using the winxp cd (its not upgraded to sp1 btw) and accidentally replaced the patched uxtheme.dll. As it was currently set to a non-official .msstyle at the time it loaded as non-xp style skinning. So i repatched the uxtheme.dll and loaded the theme again and since then it hasn't skinned the taskbar/startmenu anymore.

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
This is all I can come up with>

Use the patch program to replace the dll back to original. Reboot. Do the file checker again. Reboot. Apply the patch again. Reboot. See if the msstyle cooperates or not. Maybe try a different style.

[edit] The task bar looks like it is set to 'classic'. (Looks that way to me any way)

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