XP shows 800MHz PIII as 644MHz????



I have an HP 800MHz P III Notebook computer, It came with Win ME. I recently install a full version of XP Pro, now when I go to system properties it says I only have 644 MHz. Then I can go to it again and it will say I have 796MHz.

Is this normal for XP Pro or is there something I need to tweek or change?

I have 256mb of ram and it always displays it correctly. Thanks for any help.


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6 Dec 2001
You have a notebook that uses Intel speedstep...

What speedstep does is to conserve battery life it doesn't have the processor running at 800mhz fulltime..the only time your processor runs at 800mhz is when it needs to run at 800mhz...which isn't needed for word or such.

Unlike ME and such XP actually queries the processor and gets the current speed hence why your speed looks like it is incorrect...it is actually the correct speed for that moment.

if you goto intels site you should be able to download the speedstep application that should have come installed on your notebook that will allow you to turn speedstep on and off or such...it will take away a good bit of ya battery life by running it full speed full time but I personally never worried since I have yet to run my notebook to dead

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