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Xp related illness



Okay.where do i start.........Well first of all,i have PowerDVD xp 4.0 and it won`t let me change my DMA for my DVD-rom drive,it says that im using sony DMA when i know that my DVD rom is Atapi DMA. Also after going through powerDVD and checking other features i noticed that both PDVD and XP say that my DirectX version is 5.01 or something to that effect....now i was told by the MS website that XP comes with DX 8.1....so what gives? Also my sound from my DVD rom drive sometimes pops and stutters in some games (2-3 years old games,brand new 12x DVD rom drive),also Powerdvd xp 4.0 seems to make my DVD`s a bit jerky,i wonder if this has anything to do with XP???. And last but not least,while doing things on the net,or on XP i get certain sounds that come up in the background for no apparent reason,for example,i was just installing shadowman on my pc,when a couple of sounds (sounded like a bell going dong??)happened in the background.......whats all that about?....also when shutting my pc down for the night,i now have to switch off the power supply as well as the pc,because XP has a habit of starting up my computer for me at weird times without me even turning it on,btw none of the problems i am having now have happened with my previous OS`s (98 and ME)..please,somebody out there provide answers to my questions and i will be gratefully thankful :)


The only thing to do is remove any DVD software then go to device manager and remove the DVD drive completly

Reboot and let XP find it

Make sure you have all the latest drivers for your hardware - makes a huge difference

Im am guessing you have a VIA chipset - by the sound of the problems

Update to all the latest VIa drivers

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