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XP Pro workstations on MS 2000 network



I work at a school where up to 350 users might use an XP laptop during a one month period. I know I can stop caching of user information locally using a local policy setting. Can I do this using a system policy on the Server 2000 server (maybe one of the AD policy settings) ? What I'm also having trouble doing is getting the XP laptops to retrieve the correct profiles from the Windows 2000 server. Windows98/95 pc's work fine. I've created the profiles I want on one laptop and the instructions say to upload to the server. Where on the server? How do the XP laptops retrieve the profiles from the server? How do I configure the XP laptops to go get the correct profiles (based on group membership)?


On Win 2000 with AD you wouldn't use System Policy, instead you would use Group Policy, and there is an option in one of the built in policy in 2000 that would allow you to do what you are trying to do. Also what you are trying to do sounds like you want to create roaming profiles, once you create an account there should be an option for Profiles, in there you would set the location on the server where you would want the profiles to be located, my suggestion would be to create a folder with the user ID, share it and set the permissions for this user to have full control then copy the local profile up to the server, you would probably need to do this for all the users you wish to have use Roaming Profiles. Hope this helps.

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