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XP Pro got problem after installing SP1



Currently i'm using Win XP Pro on my P4 1.7Ghz laptop. Before i install Service Pack 1 (SP1) on my OS, i still can activate "StandBy" & "Hibernate" function on my laptop. but after installing the SP1, whenever i try to boot back/resume window from "StandBy" or "Hibernate" mode it will :-
1. StandBy = it will reboot my whole system again.
2. Hibernate = it will try to resume window but halfway thru it fails with the error message "Hard disk failure".
so for hibernate function, i need to restart my machine again....
after restarting my machine from both condition, Win XP will generate an error message from the popup window. it stated Windows just recoved from a serious error.when i clicked to see more technical info, it will stated something related to "minidump" folder in my system.
At first i didn't notice it caused by SP1, but after my friend told me then same issue, i try to uninstalled my SP1 and tried... it really caused by the SP1!
Anyone of you facing the same problem with me?.... plz share out ...... thanx...


Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Welcome to the forums jilim. :)
Can't say I have had any problems with sp1. You said you have uninstalled sp1 or at least tried too. From there the only thing that comes to mind is to try doing a repair the installation of xp. Insert the xp cd & boot up. Then follow the screen instructions to repair xp.


hi Hipster Doofus,

thanx for comment.....
so maybe i should boot up my XP installation disc and try to fixed the problem..... u think it will work?...
besides this kind of bug cause by SP1.... did you faced any kind of problem similar to this one?....


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