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Xp Opk



Hey all, I have finally come across an XP OPK , i aint had time to test it nor actually hav it yet, but i belive its in the region of 300mb but i cannot be sure, its on my works network, i will upload the image to my pc when i get a chance and lol allow my remote admin through the firewall, so the question is, is anyone here intrested in it? i know its large to host on the site, and if u dont know what it is, u wont want it.
its the xp oem preinstall kit only comes with oem 3packs for system builders. is only way you can get win pe.

in the licence for it the only way it can be distributed is with the oem 3packs and not any other way so i wouldn't do it here, would be like sharing a copy of xp...........

just a cautionary note.:confused:


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Sounds as if someone needs to read the Guidelines. Specificially where it states:
• Do not post copyrighted material such as retail software, visual themes or other software that requires permission before distribution.
Warez - is not allowed. This is not a forum on software piracy. This includes ‘keygens’ and 'cracks', how to obtain or install them.
Visual Themes - If the author of a visual theme has given you permission to change and/or post his/her theme, please send a copy of the email to NTFS administration. Please do not post the visual theme until you have been given the OK from the administration.

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