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XP-OEM or Upgrade


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After self building a computer, which is the best way of obtaining XP Pro, OEM or Upgrade, by that I mean not just price, but which is the most flexible, with regard to slipstreaming, or transferring to another computer if you sell or scrap the first one?

I feel that self build is being priced out as an option, as computer manufacturers appear to be selling computers for not much more than I would pay for a retail version of XP, which is very annoying. For example I can get a computer with XP and office software installed for £299, so the manufacturers must be getting the software for next to nothing.

I feel that Microsoft should sell XP for about £50 to everyone, which I am sure would be beneficial to them, as some of those who pirate copies would be more likely to buy a version. Also, they could drop all the other cheaper version that are available to teachers, students, OEM, Upgrades etc, and I doubt if the computer manufacturers are paying £50 for their copies at the moment.

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