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I am running XP professional edtion and having some problems with customising folders... you know when you go to a folder and right click in it. Customise folder...and you can make jpg or whatever the background.

Well in XP I can not do it to the actual drives or program files folder on the XP WINNT root drive. ie: c:\ or d:\ etc... I can not make them diffrent. I can not seem to find a way to change the background in these folders/drives.

My problem is that I have done this before in another OS maybe WinME as they are diffrent pictures already which XP did retain with the upgrade but will now will not let me alter them!


Any help here would be great.

I know how to do it but I am saying that XP will not do it. At home I upgraded from ME and at work I upgraded from NT4 and same thing. But it does retain what was done before in the old OS the images are still the background now.

Someone else with XP try goto a drive and right click in the folder space of the drive... and see if it lets you choose 'customise this folder' from the context menu.
right click on folder got to properties and click customise tab,

but doesn't work on the windows folder

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