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Anywayz, took me 4 restarts to come here again.
The only hardware driver i got was for my GeForce2 mx 400.
Thats the only Hardware driver i got for my comp.


1.2 Ghz Amd Athlon
GeForce2 MX 400
SoundBlaster LIVE!
128 Ram

And there is CD ROM and RW and crap


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I don't think it's XP, I think it's the user or hardware.

My uptime: 19 days, 23 hours. Stable doesn't begin to describe my system.


No Way

No way is it Xp - i've been running XP since November 2001 and I have only had 1 BOD - and it was my own doing. Also the need to reboot is almost completely gone - I've been running without a reboot for over 30 days. It has to be in your hardware or a software conflict with Xp.


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Re: wh

Originally posted by NeedHelper
what do you mean user?? and the hardware do you mean drivers??
See, in my opinion, everyone who experiences problems always blames it on the operating system, when in fact 80% (maybe more) of the time it is actually hardware or lack of knowledge on the user's end causing the conflicts. And, no, I am not saying you have a lack of knowledge when it comes to computers. Just don't blame XP for your problems, it works fine for me and many others. =)


well, it may be my lack of knowledge for comps, but... i still need to blame something, and im not going to blame myself so.... SCREW XP!! hehe jk.

This was like my 5th formatting on XP, 1st and 2nd was bad, 3rd was bad, 4th was the best! but then f-en had to get a virus :O, and then now 5 is bad too, i wonder if the 9th would be good?? :O
Originally posted by NeedHelper
The only hardware driver i got was for my GeForce2 mx 400.
Thats the only Hardware driver i got for my comp.
Alright, now we have some info to go on. First thing is pretty obvious - you need help because you're not real familiar with drivers - that's cool, it gives us a starting point. Every chip on the motherboard and in an expansion slot requires a driver - IDE, CPU, RAM, CDROM - the whole shebang! I have some questions.

1) Do you know the make and model of your motherboard? Are you familiar with it's bios? If you know the make and model, have you ever flashed your bios before?

2) If you have a Dell or something, dude, let us know what the make and model of your system is so we can help you research it.

That's a starting point - be patient with us and we'll be patient with you. RIGHT GUYS?? (some of you are being less then friendly)


ok, my MotherBoard is the AOPEN AK73 Pro(A), No i havent, Once i sent it in like 2 months ago cause it broke, and they sent me a new one. So i guess they updated the BIOS. and i ahvent flashed it. umm... no i dont have a Dell, Its custom made. AMD Athlon 1.2 .... um... i dont hink CD Rom and crap matters ( cant even find the maker of it), and i have a Maxtor 40 gig HARD DRIVE.

I also have something conected to the USB port. Its for my Digitral camera. but i dont think that would affect it
Take nothing for granted. Very doubtful your bios is up-to-date. I'm looking at the updates available here and notice an issue that revision 1.07 fixes, "USB controller will not share IRQ with PCI devices." << This 'could' be your problem. To say definantly wouldn't be prudent, but flashing your bios and then getting the newest VIA 4-in-1's from here is a good place to start. Get the very newest bios release - it will contain all the previous fixes. If you're not familiar with flashing your bios, don't take it lightly because you could fry your board if you don't do it right.


i have the same Specs as you and using XP as well

I think i know what's wrong with your computer. When i built my PC i was using an HP hardware and it gave me tons of errors and caused me to restart often but after i remove the HP modem everything ran A-OK

check to see if you have an illegal hardware or that hardware is design for a special computer (ex: HP, Compaq, E-Machine, ect)
hope that help


my guess is the driver for your video card, go to the home page of xpercience.org and download the newest drviver, or it could be your HDD,

Some simple basic rules!

After installing a new OS.. Xp for that matter! Setting up your pc the right way is very important!

what i mean is :

1. Run Windows Update And install all the important updates such as security updates etc.

2. Get the latest Chipset drivers for your motherboard!
Most usual chipset these days is VIA If you have a VIA chipset you should install the latest official 4in1 drivers ! The 4in1 drivers are the same for all VIA chipsets and all Microsoft operating systems (Win 95, 98, 98SE, 2000, ME & XP). If you have a hybrid chipset (ie. VIA southbridge and AMD northbridge), please contact your motherboard manufacturer for the correct drivers.

3. Get the latest update version for you motherboard bios! wich in your case is Version R1.17 03/05/2002
(AK73/AK73(A)/AK73 Pro(A)
Remember 2 configure your bios correctly! Refer to bios manual for more information about crucial settings/options.

4. Install the latest "official" drivers for your screencard 3dcard!
If you have a g-force based 3dcard, install Detonator Xp Version: 28.32

5. Get a good firewall and or a good antiviruz tool! My suggestion for a firewall is ZoneAlarm ! A good antiviruz tool in my opinion is Panda Antivirus Titanium


A very common problem with stability issues on the AK series Aopen motherboards was that they sent most of the boards out with the VIO Main Power Setting at 3.3V. The actual default setting is 3.4V and if it is not reset to this, your system will be very unstable. The most common problem will be total system freeze...No mouse/keyboard/Ctrl/Alt/Del, nothing but a hard boot will work. It can sometimes appear to be Video Card related because of the freezing during a video loop...such as a sceen saver.


DONT USE 28.32 drivers they are known to be buggy as hell.. use the 29.42 nvidia drivers.

An alternative firewall is Norton Personal firwall2002 (which I have) and is very good. Or BitDefender, another equally good firewall software.

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