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xp logon password..?



1st time posting so apologies....today when i started the computer an xp box appeared saying 'your password expires in 14 days,do you wish to change your password' ,i've never used a password to logon before,only i use the computer so i haven't a clue why this has appeared and i imagine in 14 days i won't be able to use it again,so can anyone please help me with some advice....time is running out.....cheers...


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Stop Password Expiration

After you have run Windows XP for a while, you may receive this message when you log on: "Your password will expire in 14 days.....".

By default, Windows XP is set up with passwords which will expire after 42 days. 14 days in advance, Windows will start warning you of this fact. If you do not want your passwords to expire:

Go to Start > Run and in the Open: box type
control userpasswords2
Select the Advanced tab in the User Accounts window
Press the Advanced button below the Advanced user management header
Select Users in the Local Users and Groups
In the right pane, right-click the user name for which you want to change the setting, and select Properties
On the General tab, check Password never expires
Click Apply and OK (all the way out)

:) it sounds like your User account, has the option enabled that forces you to change your password after a certain amount of time.
To change this, make sure you are logged on as an Administrator, right-click My Computer and choose 'manage', on the tree-view to the left.. expand 'Local Users and Groups', and then click Users,.. then double click the User account on the right that you are having this problem, and you should see the Properties for it, make sure that the option 'Password Never Expires' IS TICKED. And OK out of it.
That should solve the problem. :)


Hope this helps
yes, this happens in 2000 too, you can change it exactly the same way.

dam, we both replied at exactly the same time with the same answer! hehe

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