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XP installation problem


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I installed xp pro from cd and when it finished loading and restared the computer it showed the windows xp blue flashing side to side screen and then a very quick flash of color and then nothing. Just a blank screen and then the monitor light went to amber. No cursor, nothing. I restarted without the cd in and the same thing keeps hapening. I assume that xp loaded ok, but is somehow chose the wrong video driver. I loaded the same type of machine with xp over our network and it works fine.

Any suggestions as to how to get the disk loaded coputers to work?


When you turn your PC on, right before the windows xp screen comes up, hit F8 and go into safe mode. Make sure the right drivers are loaded.
wingman411: Usually this is your monitor "protecting" itself. Maybe the resolution is too high or possibly the frequency? Give what jkoXP said a try but don't only check the drivers, check the settings I mentioned.

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