Xp installation freezes up before it completes



I have tried to do a clean install of xp and an upgrade from 98se. I have not been able to successfully do either. What I do is I use a 98 boot disk to fdisk and format c: I make sure everything is clean. I then have the boot sequence to boot from cdrom if possible. Windows xp installation begins.

Setup will check the harddrive and begin installing setup files. It will then freeze for no reason. 1st at 5% then at 4%, then at 3%. So i decided to see if I had the hardware screwed up at all. So i installed 98se back on there. I booted 98 up and then put the xp disk in and tried an upgrade. Same thing would happen.

So i went into options before I tried installing and checked copy installation files. Once I did that I made it all the way through the installation except at the very end when it was giong through it last steps. I think there was like 13 minutes or 10 minutes left remaining. Same thing happened again. FRooze.

Please are there any ideas. I have seen where people installed their i386 to the harddrive and installed that way. I am very limited in computer skills so if someone could tell me how to do that step by step. Commands? Very much would be appreciated if you think that would be a viable attack on installation.

System SPecs

512 crucial ram
Asus k7v mobo
dvd rom

That reminds me when It starts to boot up and reconziges a cd in the drive and asks to push a key to boot from cdrom. I do so and then it says no emulation. Is this important?

Thanks for taking the time to read this and thanks for all replies!


I had a similar problem myself when first installing XP .. The problem is that your running under FAT32 . The win 98 boot disk will automatically format in FAT32 .

You need to boot off your win xp CD in order to format in NTFS . This is the only way you'll get win xp working on your comp ..

The "no emulation" error is odd though .. I never seen that before .. After hitting any key, you should get a blue screen . It'll load a whole bunch of system files for a few minutes and then prompt you for installation . From there, just delete your old partition and create a new one in NTFS .

If the error occurs again, you should check the CD and make sure it isn't damaged ..

Good luck !


I will try that. Hmm I installed it on FAT32 before I do not understand why there would be difference with installing. But hey right now I will try anything. Thanks for the reply.

I will report back and see if that works.




Well I tried NTFS. Same problem.

Hmm anymore ideas out there?

Could someone tell me how to install this from the harddrive. I have done searches on this but I am still a little clueless.

Thanks for all replies.

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