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XP Install Restart Issue, Plus Driver Letter Issue


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Ok first of i am ready to tear my hair out.

I'm fixing a computer for someone, which it seems they have royally ****ed up.

First issue, no matter what hard drive i put into the machine, and i stress i am only putting in one at a time, EVERYTHING is hooked up correctly, instead of say fdisk, or win98 boot (just using this to see the drive letter, and fdisk)showing the MASTER HD as a C Drive, its showing it as a d drive. I have tried everything i can think of, i've reset the bios, taken out the cmos battery and reset the mobo that way, i've tried loads of different ribbons and even switched the dvd drive and the hd around on the ide connectors. I also put in another dvd drive, and still no luck. Now i built this PC for this guy about a year ago and it was set up fine, no compatibility issues at all. Now i am just stumped, any advice? The reason i was fixing it in the first place is because he tried to add another drive and all this happened.

Second Issue, which may be related to the first. When i go to install XP, simply accepting that i'll have to put up with the letter d, it gets all the way to the point where it looks for previous versions of windows then the computer restarts, and nothing i do changes this (i tried all the above), any advice?
Have you formatted this harddrive or is there partitions on it still?

also have you tried running a chkdsk /r or a fixmbr im not positive on if that fixmbr is the correct command or not. another OSNNER will correct me if im wrong. To fix the second problem?
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Shamus MacNoob

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fdisk /mbr


The drives your putting in they have partitions on them? Are they fat32 or NTFS ?

Did you use fdisk to see all the partitions on the disk , did you try removing them all and even if it is lets say D , no big deal really install go to windows and if it is still d change it to C use drive mapper from partition magic and have it remap all your stuff from D: to C:

I wonder if you might have a boot sector virus .. tried emergency floppy virus scans?
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There is no answer!
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clearly no one even read my post as all those questions are answered in it, either way i solved all the issues.


Shamus MacNoob

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Clearly you did not state FAT or NTFS to start anyways good you got it fixed maybe you can share and tell us what the problem was and how it was fixed.

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