XP install error...still


Kip Crawford

Down below I asked about the "UNMOUNTABLE BOOT VOLUME" situation. I got some very good replies and information, however it didn't fix a thing. I have the 80 pin cable. I am not running Ultra DMA and the Drivers (4in1) from VIA didn't work...in fact it made it worse. Because I am already at FAT32 I cannot do a "mount" from the Drive Space program.

I am not sure what the BIOS setup should be, but I did all the suggestions concerning it from other people and MS. A friend of mine has this very system and he loaded XP...no sweat. He said he loaded no drivers from VIA.

My system:

AMD Athlon 750
10g HD (IDE)
224meg RAM
running ME

I bet the solution is an easy one, but waaaaay too many variables.



:confused: :(

Kip Crawford

XP install errors

Yes. I did 4 clean boots and tried converting the HD to NTFS or give me a "BOOT_VOLUME". Everything works until I try to install XP. I have tried several drivers from VIA and they make things worse to the point I have to reformat. Won't even let me go into SAFE MODE. A Mystery I guess.....to me anyway.:confused:
I'm not sure what the problem is. My suggestion is to clear your bios and let it reset to defaults. Are you in the habit of messing around in the bios? If so, then it could be as simple as that. Most newer m/b's are "intelligent" to a point and will properly pick up your hardware and configure itself appropriately. Go into your bios right after and make sure it picks up your processor ok, then try again from a fresh format of the drive.

Kip Crawford

Problem solved...I hope

I did another clean install after I FDISK and reformatted the HD. This time I got a hint from a friend of mine to go into BIOS and Put the CD into 1st boot "force" start the XP install program. That worked. It also gave me the option to change my HD to NTFS, which I did. After it asked me to verify I had an older version of WIN (I chose my ME copy) it proceeded to load. An hour later I had XP. No problems as of yet, but I had to download every new driver for my hardware. I think the trick is, do not upgrade with your present drivers, backup your stuff and re do the HD and clean install through the CD. Less hassle.

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