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XP Home/XP Pro Networking Problem



I've tried several avenues such as the microsoft website, suggested sites listed on this bulletin board, and other websites but have been unable to resolve my problem.

I am trying to network (for file sharing purposes) a Windows XP Pro machine with a Windows XP Home machine. Both computers are connected to a hub (cat5/nic card) which has a connection to the internet via a cable modem. Each computer is automatically assigned an IP address via DHCP according to my comcast (formerly @home) cable service. Both computers have simultaneous internet connectivity. I have tried many different solutions such as running the network setup wizard with many different settings including as suggested by the microsoft website. I would be very greatful if you could help me resolve this problem. Thank you.

both computers in same workgroup?
have you created any shares on either for other to see? until one is created it wont let you in at all


Shares created on both, both computers in the same workgroup, zonealarm turned off, still no dice. Thanks though.


go into internet explorer
type in \\_____
where _____is the name of the other computer you are networked to

if that works, (i find it usually duz, the network places thing sux) just use that, if not, it may be your router

and if you are not on a router, make sure you are using a CROSSOVER cable, not a strait one
You get two IP:s from your ISP? What do they look like? I'm pretty sure they have to be in the same C-class (same up to third xxx.xxx.xxx.*) to share properly over a regular LAN.
yea if the addresses are from different subnets they will never see each other they are in subnets the isp uses so they both are routed to internet but may not be from same for each other
doesnt matter what class they appear to be alot of isp's have b class ones... and they are superneting and slashing them to get as many addresses as they can

simple request, can the computers ping each other?
I'm not sure if the result of pinging matters. The ping packets are probably routed through the network of the ISP, whereas Windows sharing packets are not.

Well if you can't ping, you can't share, naturally.

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