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XP Home & NT 4.0 Server



I am trying to authenticate a XP Home client to a NT 4.0 server. I am only trying to login to a workgroup, not a domain which you can't do using XP Home. As purchased from retailer, I cannot see any other client on the network but they can all see the XP client. These are a few things that were recommended to me, but none worked.

- Enable Netbious Protocol on XP client
- Turn on Guest Acct.
- Insure XP firewall is off
- Enable File & Print Sharing on XP client

Any ideas for next steps????:confused:


You do not authenticate to a workgroup. For a workgroup you log into the local machine. If the NT server is setup as a domain server then you are not going to be able to share it's resources with the XP Home machine. You will need Pro so you can authenticate to the domain.



Server is not a PDC or BDC. I think the real problem lies with the XP client. The XP client can lease an IP from the NT server (also a DHCP Server), but I cannot browse to it at all.


You are using an account to log into the XP machine that exists on the NT 4 Server?

How are you trying to connect to it? Are you going through MY Networl Places? Have you tried connecting to it by IP?


I know what's going on...

The problem you are facing is that you are trying to login to an authenticatable machine with a non authenticatable machine. Sort of like trying to get Win98 to connect to Win NT. You are not able to view any shared resources on the NT machine with XP Home because with all non networking OS's, passwords are assumed.

To be able to connect to the shared resources on the NT machine, you will need to either run the Windows Home Networking software on both the Windows XP and NT machines, or perform the following:

1. Login to your NT machine.

2. Create a new user with the same username as the one you use with Windows XP (if your username has a password, put that password in).

You will then be able to view the shared files on the NT computer.

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