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XP Home and Pro emptying my Internet Temporary Files.


Jason Roberts

Every time I start up the computer and then connect to the internnet, I check my IE temporary files on my J: drive.

When I go to Cleanup, I alway finds that it has already been cleared! at 0.00 mb. I don't want XP to automatically empty this dirve but it does. I mean I gave the J drive 500MB just for internet temp files.

The reason I don't want it emptied is that I am a 56k' modem surfer. I know that xp has emptied my Internet Temporary files when NTFS takes like 3 minutes to fully load onto my computer.

Is there a setting to avoid XP clearing the files. This also happens on Windows XP Professional which I am running on a dual boot.

Thank you.;)

Jason Roberts

Hi. Thanks for your hints.

I have checked the setting in Internet Explorer and it is already not ticked.

I did had both windows XP linking to this location so after I read about having IE on both OS'es, linking to the same folder I, thought about creating folders on the same drive (J) and having their own location. I did that. Will see if it made any difference.

By the way I am using Norton SystemWorks 2003 Pro with Norton Internet Security 2003 installed into Windows XP home only, in case it is something to do with Systemworks because this problem seems to be occured after I installed SystemWorks 2003 for the first time.


dude its part of norton, i have it also, go through all of the settings and make sure u understand all of them cause it does some wierd **** if you don't... and doesn't hurt to schedule weekly scans etc

also get the the xp powertoys bundle... go through the settings in the Tweak Ui program that comes in it... and go into the group policy editor also within the tweak program itself.. there are options in there about emptyig ie temp files..... look thru all the option under the user config under admin templates.. all of those are worth checking ;)

and did u check that no one else in ur house is emptying them for some reason?


In the beginning......
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I am sure it does, but has the user you use got write access to the J drive and the Temporary Internet Files Directory?

Although I think if internet explorer cannot write to the Temp Internet Files dir it would just move back to using the original dir.:)

Jason Roberts

Hi all.

I have looked through the settings. Yep your right! its the stupid Norton program. (Web Tools). There is no option to turn this stupid and unneeded tool...or is there?

I am the only user on this computer since I own this computer and live by my self in my parents' old house - they moved to a better home.


Beware the G-Man
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You could open the "Web Tools Options" and in the "Web Cleanup" tab add the sites you want to save and the "cookies" "cache" and "history"


Beware the G-Man
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There is also an update, ver 6.0.1 that deals with not being able to "select URL history in the Web Cleanup Advanced Viewer"

Don't know if this could help at all, but it's there.

They say, "To resolve this problem, run LiveUpdate to update NSW to version 6.0.1."

Jason Roberts

Gonaads, thank you for your assistance. I guess that has helped me a bit. I got the updated version (I use LiveUpdate everyday) of SystemWorks 2003 Pro.

I've added a few domains to my list. Thanks for your help :D

Perris Calderon

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if gonaads advice doesn't get you the option to dissable the "tool", then go to MY COMPUTER, CONTROL PANEL, ADD REMOVE PROGRAMS.

scroll down to anything that says "norton", and hit the remove button

watch your system fly

then go to our topic titled "security"

then start a thread asking for replacement programs for whatever you think you liked from norton.

use the experts recomendation as your replacement

watch your computer fly.

I think the only thing norton anyone should have on their box is the av.

and I don't even use that myself.

ok, carry on


Beware the G-Man
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Originally posted by Jason Roberts
Gonaads, thank you for your assistance. I guess that has helped me a bit. I got the updated version (I use LiveUpdate everyday) of SystemWorks 2003 Pro.

I've added a few domains to my list. Thanks for your help :D
Glad it has helped. :)

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